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Christ and The Epiphany

East Haven Food Pantry

One of the many ways this church community lives its discipleship is through its involvement with the East Haven Food Pantry. Anyone who lives in East Haven who meets federal income guidelines is eligible to get food from the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is housed at Christ and the Epiphany Church at 39 Park Place in East Haven, they are open on Tuesday,  Thursday and Saturday.

The Food Pantry’s motto, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” sums up the operation, a volunteer effort for over twenty years, currently led by Phyllis Laroche, President, and Christine Sanford, Vice-President. The Food Pantry was originally started at St. Vincent de Paul’s Church. Many organizations contribute: East Haven Schools have held food drives and Post Office letter carriers conduct food drives, as have East Haven Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. At Christ and the Epiphany, food drives are targeted to the Food Pantry’s needs. In early February, Soup-er Bowl Sunday was the day to donate canned soups. Later in February, donations of tuna and cereal were sought. Weekly donations of bread and pastry are made by Stop & Shop, Big Y, and Costco.

Volunteer efforts increase to meet demands. Christ and the Epiphany parishioners stepped up after last summer’s hurricane/tropical storm. They helped unload trucks and separate and sort food, while checking expiration dates. Youth from East Haven also contribute community service hours, lending hands as needed. Boxes are packed for local families at Thanksgiving and the December holidays. The number of people who use the Food Pantry, sometimes 200 per week, has doubled in the past year.

Christ and the Epiphany Church is an open and accepting parish with diversity of ages, backgrounds, and mindsets. To find out more about this church, please attend a Sunday service at 8 a.m. or 10 a.m.